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Erin McCluskey

Erin McCluskey

Residence Period: 2017.08.26-2017.09.25

Erin McCluskey

Residence plan
The city is a macrocosm of humanity where the achievements and failures of society are visible. Inspired by the work of Romantic painters and poetry, I wish to capture the beauty, fragmentation, and complexity of the urban life in global cities. I intend to invert the romantic desire for pastoral settings and apply it to an urban setting. Through daily plein air drawing and painting of dense urban areas in Tokyo, I will capture the fluid movement of the city.

Artist profile
1) BDES in Illustration, OCAD University, 2017.
2) Student Award, Applied Arts, 2017.
3) "Grad Ex 102", OCAD University, 2017.

Base of activity: Toronto, Canada
Media Used: Mixed Media, Digital, Oil paint, Performance

Drawing from her background in Illustration and Theatre, Erin creates images that exist on paper, walls, objects, spaces, and stages. She is interested in using imagery as an opportunity to explore the world. Drawing and painting form the backbone of Erin's practice. Inspired by myth and fiction, she is interested in revisiting stories and connecting them to current issues. She is particularly passionate about using art to elicit social change.