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Chi-Ting Tseng

Chi-Ting Tseng

Residence Period: 2015.10.01-2015.12.23

Chi-Ting Tseng


Chi-Ting Tseng is a practicing costume designer, specializing in the performing arts. She graduated with majors in textile and fashion design from SHU-TE University (Taiwan) in 2010. Her highly experimental approach yields creations that challenge the boundaries of textile and fiber art. Often drawing from environmental themes, she has combined hand-dye techniques with local botanicals and transformed reclaimed materials like plastics and waste paper into movable, wearable works.

Residence Project

Chi-Ting's ongoing installation will involve different kinds of mixed media, sourced from Chiyoda City to interact with the immediate community. The project aims to create an eco-friendly atmosphere of hopes, blessings and interpersonal interaction. With the artist's love of natural art performance and her manual inclination at the project's base, she aims to convey an importance in not only seeing but creating a link between humankind and nature.