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Susan Bui

Susan Bui

Residence Period: 2014.11.24-2014.12.28

Susan Bui

(left) 'Balance tests' 2012. Video still.
(right) 'Jammed up, Suuped up' 2013. Gold lustre glaze, stoneware, dimensions variable. (from the installation 'The Weight of Things' 2013)


Susan Bui's pracitce spans a variety of visual mediums, from video and photography to installation and sculpture. Bui explores the inner and outer world that she inhabits, with particular focus on the social and cultural rituals of daily life. Her work is often characterized by a playful use of everyday objects brought together through experimentation and chance, working to supersede the initial function of these objects.

Activities in Japan

Susan Bui will explore how a cohesive yet fluid sense of self can exist where external influences are continually changing. Bui will work with found objects and photography, whilst drawing influence from her interactions in Tokyo to produce an installation as part of her residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. This residency is supported by the National Association for Visual Arts.