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Geórg Jagunóv

Geórg Jagunóv

Residence Period: 2014.09.02-2014.10.31

Geórg Jagunóv


Geórg Jagunóv's work spans photography, digital collages, animation and installations. Recently he has been involved with architectural and spatial design projects that use digital animation and projection mapping techniques to enhance the physical environment and challenge common perceptions of scale and space. Inspiration is drawn widely, from science fiction films to classical and modern Russian poetry.


Beginning with content research and sketching, Jagunóv will be experimenting with projection mapping and working with architects and sound designers to prepare an installation. Using complex multi-angle surfaces, he aims to treat digital projection as a spatial element which creates it's own materiality and depth. Jagunóv hopes to find new inspiration in Japan, through his love of Japanese classical and modern literature, advanced manga animation, minimal architecture and in the depth of wabisabi. Funding is supported by the Danish Art Foundation.