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Julie Galante

Julie Galante

Residence Period: 2013.01.31-2013.01.23

Julie Galante

Artist profile
Julie Galante is an American artist who has spent the past 10 years moving from country to country. Her artwork explores the visual aspects of these places that she calls home for finite amounts of time. Through observation, interpretation, and reproduction she seeks to understand the nature of these cities, their inhabitants, and her relationship to them.
Julie has exhibited her work in the US, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and China; her paintings are held in private collections on six continents. As of January 2013 she lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, having relocated after five years in Munich, Germany.

Description of residence plan
Julie Galante will spend her residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda investigating the visual landscape of the city of Tokyo. She will record the people and places around her via photographs, sketches, watercolor, and other media. In the studio she will rework these images into a series of mixed-media artwork.

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