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Basic Support

* Basic support is included in the base program fee for full-term residencies. Some services may be unavailable for short-term residencies.

Volunteer Support
Calling on 3331's network of volunteers in order to realize artists' projects.

Workshop/Event Support
Helping to coordinate one artist talk, workshop or performance in addition to a choice of one open studio or exhibition.

Sharing Information
Providing support in announcing information about residence activity through our website, mail magazine, posters around 3331, and SNS. (Further promotional activity at a charge)

Event Translation
Providing free translation for 1 event organized by the residence artist (Additional event translation will be at a charge)

Photo Support
On the occasion of an event, we take photographs for archival purposes. The data can be provided at the end of residency upon request.

Advice from 3331 staff on installation/construction methods and general research approach. (We cannot conduct direct research or artwork production on behalf of the artist.)

Additional Support (Full-Term & Short-Term Residencies)


Translation by a residence coordinator (English only) ¥10,000 / event * Basic translation for up to 1 event organized by the participant will be provided for free of charge for full-term residencies.
Professional translator ¥42,000~ / half day For talk events, etc. which require native-level accuracy.

Text translation

Translation by a residence coordinator (English only) ¥15 / word * Translation of the artist profile and project plan is free of charge.

Construction Staff

Direct support in construction of the work or installation of the exhibition. Personnel expenses(¥1,300~ / 1hour) + material cost Requires consultation with an installation staff member at least 2 weeks prior.

Exhibition Panel

Large size printing and foam board setting for exhibitions Personnel expenses + material cost ¥5,000~ (A1 Size) Editable data must be provided.

Consumable materials

Pins, screws, tape, etc. Material cost Availability varies

Large-scale printing

In-house printing above A3 size Personnel expenses + material cost ¥2,500 / m~ Editable data must be provided.

Printing, copying, scanning

Use of in-house office printer (A4-A3 size) Paper, ink cost ¥10~80 / sheet Editable data must be provided.

Vinyl decal

Vinyl machine cut
(Size W410 x L500 mm)
*Includes machine operation, material (vinyl sheet and transfer tape)
*Additional length:
Machine-cut stickers of text or outline data for exhibition titles and more; various colors.
*1. Please submit outline text as illustrator data.
*2. Please consult residence staff with your plan at least 2 weeks before installation.
Vinyl picking (up to 30 characters) ¥1,500
*Additional characters:
¥500/10 characters
Transfer tape preparation ¥1,000
Installation ¥2,000

Publicity Materials

Business cards (Create business cards and printing order for networking purposes.) Varies with task. Orders are limited to a 3331-designed template. We cannot accommodate custom designs.
Postcard flyers (Create postcard-sized flyer and printing order for self-promotion of events.)

AV Equipment

Projector, microphone, etc. Varies with task. * Free for up to 1 event.


Chairs, tables, plinths, etc. for exhibition, workshop or other event. Varies with task. -

Material Assistance

Special orders for materials. Resourcing specific materials to aid with artwork production. Varies with task. -

Shipping Service

Arranging domestic and international shipments Personnel expenses + Freight Cost + Packing The charge varies according to the destination, size and weight of the package and method of freight.

Tokyo Guide

Staff member to attend galleries, workshops, etc. with the artist (basic translation and arranging information) 1 attendant + travel costs Requires consultation in advance.

* The above are general estimates and are not included in the base residence cost. For a detailed estimate, please consult at the time of application. We may not be able to provide the service depending on the timing and the task.