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A place for new creative expression

Soto-Kanda Studio (Pattern A) is inside 3331 Arts Chiyoda's facilities. Nishikicho Studio (Pattern B) and the accommodations for all participants are both within about 20 minutes walking distance from 3331 Arts Chiyoda, in the used book district.
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Nishikicho Residence & Soto-Kanda Studio
Immerse your project in 3331 Arts Chiyoda’s active atmosphere, with a private studio amongst other studios, galleries and workshop spaces. Ideal for exhibition, open studio, workshops or other events. Includes separate accommodations near 3331.


Nishikicho Residence & Nishikicho Studio
Focus on creation in the stimulating, multifunctional shared studio while interacting with artists and researchers from Japan and around the world! With accommodations in the same location, it’s a haven for inspiration in the used book district of Tokyo.

PATTERN A:Soto-Kanda Studio (in 3331 Arts Chiyoda)

Spread over 4 floors, 3331 is a hive of activity of some Tokyo's most exciting creative practitioners - a rich environment for creation. Here artists can engage with visitors to 3331 daily in the studio, which doubles as a gallery space, giving the opportunity to present outputs of research and production amongst the other gallery spaces inside 3331.
* Please be aware that there are no accommodations inside the 3331 building.

Floor areaApprox 32 m.sq.
LightingFluorescent, LED spot lights
Facilities / Amenities Internet, air conditioner/heating unit, 1 worktable and chair per artist
* Additional furniture, A/V equipment, etc. available for rent depending on the schedule. Please consult in advance.
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* Facilities as of February 2017. Studio space is subject to change.

PATTERN B:Nishikicho Studio

Conveniently right below your room, this open, shared studio facilitates concentrated artwork production and research in the heart of Tokyo. As a place to meet and collaborate, the studio accommodates varied residence projects, in addition to the activities of 3331 and artists from Tokyo University of the Arts. Available for open studios, too!

Floor areaApproximately 3m.sq per artist (with 3m wall space)
LightingFluorescent, LED spot lights (approx. 15)
Facilities / AmenitiesInternet, A/C and heating unit, washroom, worktable, chairs
LocationAccess and address here »

* Facilities as of February 2017.
* This layout is a sample only. The way the studio is shared is subject to change depending on the number of tenants and each project's space requirements.

PATTERN A and B:Nishikicho Residence

After a day of production and research, retreat to the comfort of a private, spacious residence above the studio. Stop by the cafés in the nearby used book district, interact with other creative in the living room, or continue business on the wide worktable in each room!
* Non-resident participants may also have access to spaces outside of the private bedroom.

Capacity5 private bedrooms (1-2 participants per room)
Floor areaVaries with room placement (see floor map)
Personal amenitiesInternet, A/C and heating unit, chair, desk, bed, bedding, clothing rack
Shared amenitiesShower, toilet, wash basin, TV, couches, dining area, mini kitchen, fridge, rice cooker, kettle, washing machine, vacuum
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* Facilities as of February 2017.
* All spaces outside private bedroom are communal.